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Staff onboarding streamlines the onboarding experience for RosterElf customers to efficiently onboard new staff into the business. You can collect information and copies of required documentation from new employees by simply adding them to your RosterElf account.

To start, you must set up what your company requires for a new staff member. This guide will walk you through what settings are available in the onboarding module.

Xero Customers can also use Onboarding to create the staff member in their Xero account after the staff member has completed their onboarding form. You can see more on how to do that here.


Click on Settings, then select Onboarding.

The Process tab:

Auto send onboarding link to all new employees added to account - This checkbox enables the staff onboarding emails to go out when you add new staff. Essentially, this turns on the feature for your RosterElf account.

The Superannuation tab:

Currently supported for Australian customers only.

Activate for Onboarding - This checkbox enables the superannuation workflow for your staff onboarding form. When disabled, the onboarding form will not show a superannuation section for staff to complete.

Mandatory - This checkbox will make it a requirement for all staff to complete.

The Company Documents tab

This tab allows you to request a copy of any document staff requires to work with your company—for instance, qualifications, working visas, licences, medical certificates, etc.

The example below shows you a selection of documents, including the document name and description. You also have the option to select various options:

Requires Number - Enable this for documents with ID numbers, like visas, driver's licences and qualifications. This will save a copy of the number on your RosterElf account for easy referencing.

Requires Expiry Date - Enable this for documents that need to be valid when onboarding the staff member or for documents that may need to be renewed during the staff's employment.

Mandatory - For documents that all staff are required to complete. If you have qualifications only some of your workforce need to provide, you will leave it unticked.

Template - Allows you to upload a document the staff member can fill in and return to you. Simply upload the document you want the staff to complete. If you change your mind or want to replace the document, you can remove the document and upload a new document if required.

Activate / Deactivate - You can turn off documents you no longer need using the toggle at the end. This ensures you keep existing staff docs of this type. If you decide to use that document again, you click Activate.

Staff will receive a welcome email when you add them to your account, including their login credentials, links to download the smartphone app, and a link to their onboarding page.

Once staff have completed their onboarding, you can manage their onboarding documents and information on their staff card.



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