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When you start working at a new company, there are always some formalities to get out of the way with various documents required to start work. For instance, bank accounts for you to receive your pay, superannuation companies, tax file numbers and other documents required by your company. Fortunately for you, RosterElf makes completing these documents and supplying other documents magically simple; best of all, you can do it from anywhere. A desktop computer or your smartphone.

To begin, you will receive a welcome email from RosterElf once you have been added to the RosterElf platform by your manager or an administrator for the account. If you haven't received an email, ask your manager to check if you've been added to the system and double-check check your email or mobile number is also correct. Once you have the welcome email, there will be your login credentials, links to download the smartphone apps and a button to Complete Onboarding.

RosterElf - Complete Onboarding .png

If you don't see the Complete Onboarding section on the email, your admin may need to Set Up Staff Onboarding.

Once you use your login credentials to log into the onboarding form, you will see various menu options, which will vary based on your company's requirements. As you complete a section, it marks it as Saved, and once a manager has marked the information as Approved, you can no longer update it. 

RosterElf - Onboarding Form.png

Click on each of the menus to complete the section. 


Personal Information

Your personal information and emergency contact details. Xero-integrated companies will also see personal address information, which is required for Xero to create the employee.


Onboarding Form - Personal Information.png


Bank Details

Your bank details for your salary/wages to be paid into.

Onboarding Form - Bank Details.png

Tax File Declaration

Please contact your employer or accountant if you need help completing this section.

Onboarding Form - TFN.png

Superannuation Info

If you need help completing this section, please get in touch with your employer, accountant or current superannuation company/advisor.

Onboarding Form - Super.png

Company Documents

Company documents may vary the most between companies, as this section is fully customisable. Your company may use this section to collect legal documents about your qualification or security requirements. It can also be used for general company onboarding documentation, medical certificates, visas, etc. 

If you are unsure of the required document, please get in touch with your manager to help with your onboarding.

Onboarding Form - Company Docs.png

There may also be forms that the company wants you to fill in, which can be downloaded, completed and uploaded back into the system.

Onboarding Form - Download Template.png



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