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Syncing your RosterElf schedule with Google Calendar keeps your shifts and commitments easily accessible. While it's important to refer to the schedule provided via the RosterElf web application or native apps (iOS and Android), integrating with Google Calendar offers a convenient way to manage your time.

Note: Google Calendar usually refreshes every 8-24 hours, which means updates may be delayed. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, always use RosterElf as your primary source.

Steps to Add Your RosterElf Schedule to Google Calendar

1. Log In to Your RosterElf Account

  • Open RosterElf and log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile at the top right corner.
  • Select My Calendar Sync.

2. Copy Your Calendar Link

  • A pop-up tab will appear.
  • Click on Copy my link.

3. Open Google Calendar

  • Go to your web Gmail.
  • On the bottom left, next to Other Calendars, click the + symbol.

4. Add Calendar from URL

  • In the new pop-up tab, click on From URL.

5. Paste the URL and Add Calendar

  • In the URL of Calendar section, paste the link you copied in Step 2.
  • Click on Add Calendar.

Your Google Calendar is now synced with your RosterElf schedule. Enjoy easy access to your shifts and commitments!

Enhance Your Productivity by Syncing RosterElf with Google Calendar

Syncing your RosterElf schedule with Google Calendar streamlines your time management, ensuring you never miss a shift. This integration simplifies your workflow by consolidating your schedule into one accessible platform. Follow these steps to effortlessly sync your RosterElf schedule with Google Calendar and experience the benefits of having all your commitments in one place. This guide provides clear instructions to help you manage your time more efficiently, enhancing productivity and ensuring you stay on top of your shifts.



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