Explore the straightforward process of installing RosterElf's Progressive Web App (PWA) on your Windows device using Chrome. Start by opening Google Chrome and navigating to the PWA’s website. Log in if required using your established credentials.

To add the PWA to your home screen or taskbar just follow the simple steps below.


1. Open Google Chrome


Launch the Google Chrome browser on your Windows device.

2. Enter the PWA URL.

Go to


3. Log In.



Enter your RosterElf credentials and complete any multi-factor authentication (MFA) required.



4. Install the PWA.

Click on the menu icon ("install") located in the top

right corner of the Chrome browser. From the pop-up that appears, select the "Install" option.


A new pop-up will appear on the bottom right of your screen. Select yes.



5. Access the PWA.

Once installed, the PWA icon will appear on your taskbar. You can click this icon to launch the PWA directly, enjoying a native app-like experience.





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