Learn how to easily install the RosterElf Progressive Web App (PWA) on your iPhone with our step-by-step guide. Start by opening the Google Chrome browser and navigating to the RosterElf login page at Simply log in using your existing credentials and complete any required multi-factor authentication.

To add the PWA to your home screen, tap the share icon at the top right of the Chrome interface, and select "Add to Home Screen." You can customise the name of the app before finalising the addition.

Once installed, access RosterElf directly from your home screen, just like a traditional app! This guide ensures a straightforward process for integrating RosterElf into your iOS smartphone.


1. Open Chrome.


Launch the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone.  





2. Access the PWA URL.



Go to




3. Login.


Enter your RosterElf credentials and complete any multi-factor authentication (MFA) 




4. Share Menu.


Tap the icon at the right of the top menu of Google Chrome.



5. Add to Home Screen:


From the options, select "Add to Home Screen".



6. Customise Name (Optional):


You can rename the app shortcut if desired.



7. Launch from the Home Screen:


Your RosterElf PWA icon will now appear on your iPhone. Tap the icon to open the PWA.






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