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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up and managing payroll in RosterElf.

Setting Up Payroll

1. Access the Payroll Tab 

  • Log in to your RosterElf account.
  • Select the Payroll tab from the top menu.


2. Select Date Range

  • Choose the relevant date range at the top centre of your screen.

  • Note: If you're in "daily view," click on each relevant day at the top of your screen.


3. Filter Payroll Data

  • Filter by Day, Employee, or Summary: Choose your preferred filter.

  • Filter by Staff, Site, and/or Position: Use the drop-down menus for more flexible filtering.

  • Order Data: Click on the icons at the top right to order data by name, cost, or shift length.

4. Access Shift Notes and Photos

  • Click on the icons to view payroll notes, clock-in/out notes, and any photos associated with the shifts.

  • If you have set up photos for clock-in-out, you'll also see photos in this section:



Enhance Your Payroll Management with RosterElf

Setting up and managing payroll in RosterElf is straightforward and efficient. It ensures that your payroll processes are streamlined and accurate. Following the steps in this guide, you can easily access and filter payroll data, making payroll management hassle-free.

Benefits of Using RosterElf for Payroll

Using RosterElf for payroll simplifies the setup process and enhances your ability to manage employee data effectively. With flexible filtering options and easy access to shift notes and photos, RosterElf helps you maintain accurate records and streamline payroll processing. This reduces the chances of errors and saves you time, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Why Accurate Payroll Management Matters

Accurate payroll management is crucial for maintaining employee satisfaction and ensuring compliance with labour laws. By utilising RosterElf’s payroll features, you can ensure timely and precise payment to your staff, which helps foster a positive work environment and avoid legal issues. Efficient payroll management also contributes to better financial planning and budgeting for your business.

By leveraging RosterElf's capabilities, you can optimise your payroll processes and improve overall business efficiency. Start using RosterElf today and experience the benefits of a seamless payroll management system.



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