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Efficient shift review and approval are critical for accurate payroll management. This guide will walk you through reviewing and approving shifts in RosterElf, helping you ensure that your payroll is precise and up-to-date.

1. Review Shift Details

For each shift, you will see four columns:

  • Roster: The scheduled start, break, and finish times.
  • Time Clock: Clock-in and clock-out times recorded via the RosterElf app.
  • Auto Rounding: Automatically rounded start, break, and finish times based on your settings.
  • Custom: Times set during the payroll review process.


2. Approve Shift Times

  • Click on the relevant cell to select the approved time for each shift. When approved and saved, a green line will appear around the cell.

3. Custom Payroll Changes

  • Click on the custom payroll cell to set your own time.
  • Save Individual Changes: Click the "save" button under approved hours.

  • Save in Bulk: Click the "save all" button at the bottom right of your screen.


4. Exclude Employees from Export

  • Untick the records of employees you want to exclude from the exported payroll.


5. View Total Approved Hours

  • The approved hours are auto-calculated based on your selection of roster, auto-rounding, time clock, or custom times.


Streamline Shift Approvals with RosterElf

Efficiently reviewing and approving shifts in RosterElf ensures your payroll is accurate and up-to-date. Follow this guide to simplify your shift approval process and manage your payroll effectively.

Key Advantages of Using RosterElf for Shift Approvals

RosterElf's comprehensive shift review and approval features allow you to manage employee times, ensuring precision and reducing errors seamlessly. By utilising the auto-rounding and custom time settings, you can tailor payroll data to match your specific requirements. This flexibility is essential for accurate payroll processing and compliance with labour regulations.

Importance of Precise Shift Management

Accurately reviewing and approving shifts is crucial for maintaining payroll accuracy. It ensures employees are compensated correctly, fostering trust and satisfaction within your workforce. Efficient shift management also aids in compliance with labour laws, mitigating the risk of disputes and potential penalties. By using RosterElf's features to their full potential, you enhance the reliability and efficiency of your payroll system, ultimately contributing to smoother business operations and financial stability.

With RosterElf, managing shift approvals becomes a streamlined process, saving you time and effort while ensuring accuracy and compliance. Implement these steps today to optimise your payroll management and keep your workforce content and motivated.



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