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RosterElf has released a new feature allowing employees to clock in and out using PIN codes on Android Tablets and iPads. This guide will help you set up and manage PINs to ensure a smooth login experience.


The new PIN clock-in/out feature in RosterElf’s Time Clock App simplifies the process for employees, enhancing security and convenience. Follow these steps to set up and manage PINs effectively.

Before continuing, make sure you have reviewed these fantastic guide on setting up the Time Clock App.

Setting Up PIN Clock-In/Out

Enable Time and Attendance on Tablets

1. Go to Settings:

  • On the top menu, click on Settings.
  • Select Time & Attendance.

2. Enable Tablet Time Recording:

  • Ensure that the Allow Employees to Record Time and Attendance on Tablets option is turned on. The slider should be green.
  • Save Settings:

    • After enabling the option, your PIN for all sites within your account will be activated. This PIN allows users to see all sites and shifts within the account.
    • Click on Save to confirm the changes.

3. Find and Reset Your PIN

  • Locate PIN: The PIN can be found at the lower part of the Time & Attendance settings screen.
  • Reset PIN: You can reset the PIN by clicking on the cloud icon.

4. Set Up PINs for Individual Sites

  • Go to Site Settings:
    • Head to the Site tab on the top menu.
    • Click on each relevant site.

  • Configure Site-Specific PIN:
    • Once within the site view, select Time & Attendance.
    • You’ll find a PIN specific to the site, allowing the user to see only the shifts relevant to that site.
  • Reset Site-Specific PIN:
    • You can reset the site-specific PIN by clicking on the cloud icon.



Once you save the PIN, it will be hidden for security purposes. Please make sure to save it and write it down somewhere. You will always be able to reset it if needed.


Logging In to the Time Clock App

1. Open the App:

  • Launch the Time Clock App on your Android Tablet or iPad.

2. Login Credentials:

3. Enter PIN:

  • Use the PIN in the general Time & Attendance settings to access all sites and shifts.
  • Use the site-specific PIN configured in the Site settings to access specific site shifts only.


By following these steps, you can easily set up and manage PINs for RosterElf’s Time Clock App, ensuring that your employees can clock in and out efficiently and securely. If you need further assistance, refer to the detailed guide included in the app for normal login processes.


Enhance Employee Time Tracking with RosterElf's New PIN Feature

Why Use RosterElf’s PIN Clock-In/Out?

RosterElf's new PIN clock-in/out feature on Android Tablets and iPads offers a seamless, secure way for employees to log their work hours. This innovative solution enhances convenience and ensures accurate time tracking, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing operational efficiency. Implementing this feature ensures a smooth and reliable login experience for your team.

Benefits of Setting Up PIN Clock-In/Out

  1. Improved Security: PINs to clock in and out enhance security by ensuring that only authorised employees can log their work hours.
  2. Streamlined Process: This simplifies the clock-in/clock-out process, making it quicker and easier for employees to start their shifts.
  3. Accurate Time Tracking: Reduces the likelihood of time-tracking errors, ensuring precise payroll calculations and compliance with labour laws.
  4. Convenience: Employees can use tablets they already know, reducing the learning curve and enhancing user satisfaction.

By integrating this feature, businesses can expect smoother operations, increased employee accountability, and better time management. Ensure your team experiences the full benefits by setting up and managing PINs effectively with RosterElf.



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