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Email notifications are crucial for updating important information, such as password resets, new shifts, and other essential updates. However, sometimes, these notifications may not reach your inbox as expected. In this guide, we'll explore common email delivery issues and provide troubleshooting steps to address them.

Possible Causes You Can Check

  1. Emails Going to Spam/Junk Folders:

    • Sometimes email providers mistakenly filter legitimate emails as spam. Check your spam or junk folders to see if RosterElf emails have been redirected there.
  2. Incorrect Email Address:

    • Double-check the email address linked to your RosterElf account. Verify and update this information in your account settings to ensure you receive important notifications seamlessly.
  3. Incorrect Contact Number:

    • Verify that your contact number is correctly input in your account settings. This is important as some notifications may also be sent via SMS.
  4. Inactive Status:

    • Check with your employer or the account owner to see if they've marked your account as inactive. In such cases, you might not receive notifications until your status is reactivated. Discuss with them to ensure your account is up-to-date for uninterrupted communication.

How You Can Resolve Them

  1. Spam/Junk Folder:

    • If you find RosterElf emails in your spam or junk folder, mark them as "Not Spam" or move them to your inbox. This helps ensure that future emails from us land directly in your inbox.
  2. Correct Email Address:

    • If your email address has changed or is incorrect, update it in your RosterElf account settings. This ensures that you receive notifications at the right email address.
  3. Contact Number:

    • Double-check and, if necessary, update your contact number in your account settings. This ensures you receive SMS notifications and updates accurately and promptly.
  4. Inactive Status:

    • If you suspect that your account may be marked as inactive, contact your employer or account admin for assistance. They can verify your account status and reactivate it if necessary.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you stay updated with all essential RosterElf notifications, keeping your workflow smooth and efficient.

Ways to Contact Us:

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  3. Live Chat: Click the green 'question mark support button' at the bottom right of your browser to start a live chat.

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