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When processing payroll with fixed salaries on a different pay calendar to Xero, you might encounter an error stating that employees are on a different pay calendar. Follow this guide to resolve the issue.

Before proceeding, make sure you have reviewed all Xero Payroll guides below:

Steps to Fix the Xero Error Code

1. Identify the Issue

  • You’ll notice that the fixed salary staff member is greyed out and cannot be unticked from the payroll in the by day filtered view.

2. Change the Filtered View

  • Switch the filtered view to by Employee by clicking on the relevant field. This will change the display to show all period shifts by the employee.

3. Untick Salary Staff

  • In the by Employee view, untick the salaried staff one-by-one or all together by clicking on the bottom box.

4. Process Payroll to Xero

  • Now, you are ready to process payroll to Xero. For detailed instructions, follow the guide here.

Following these steps, you can resolve the issue with employees on different pay calendars and successfully process payroll to Xero.



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