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Before proceeding, make sure you have reviewed all Xero Payroll guides below:

Submitting a leave request for a public holiday in Xero can result in double counting the hours, leading to payroll discrepancies. To ensure accurate payroll processing, follow these steps:

Steps to Correct Leave Requests for Public Holidays

1. Leave the Hours as Is:

  • Let the hours remain unchanged.
  • Proceed with payroll processing as usual.

2. Manually Adjust the Hours:

  • Go to the payroll section in Xero.

  • Untick the hours that coincide with the public holiday.

By following these steps, you can ensure your leave requests are accurate and avoid payroll discrepancies.

Why Accurate Leave Management Matters in Xero Payroll

Understanding how to manage leave requests for public holidays in Xero Payroll ensures accurate payroll processing. Following the steps outlined will help you avoid payroll discrepancies and maintain employee satisfaction and accurate financial records.



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