Copying and pasting shifts for specific sites in your roster can save you time and effort. Follow these steps to ensure shifts are correctly copied for the intended site:

1. Open the Roster

  • Click on Roster in the top menu.

2. Filter by Site

  • If you have shifts across multiple sites in a day, filter by site:
    • Select the relevant site from the filter options.

3. Copy the Day

  • Locate the day you want to copy shifts from for the specific site.
  • Copy the shifts for that day.

4. Paste the Shifts

  • Navigate to the new day where you want to paste the shifts.
  • Paste the copied shifts.

5. Publish the Roster

  • The pasted shifts will appear as drafts.

  • Ensure you publish the roster to finalise the changes.


  • Filtering by site before copying ensures only the relevant shifts are copied.
  • Double-check the copied shifts to make sure they are for the correct site.
  • Always publish the roster after pasting to make the shifts official.

You can efficiently manage shifts for specific sites within your roster by following these steps.



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