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If you need to run a report for a period where there are inactive staff members or sites, you'll first need to reactivate them. Follow these steps to get the required information from your Complete Shift Report.

Before continuing, make sure to read these articles for detailed instructions:

Steps to Reactivate Sites and Staff

1. Reactivate Sites:

  • Go to the Sites tab.
  • Click on Inactive.
  • Select the site you want to reactivate.

2. Reactivate Staff:

  • Go to the Staff tab.
  • Click on Inactive.
  • Select the staff member you want to reactivate.

3. Run the Report:

  • Run the report for the desired period.

4. Deactivate Sites and Staff:

  • Once you have run the report, remember to deactivate the staff and sites if they are no longer active.

Following these steps, you can ensure that your report includes all necessary data, even from previously inactive sites or staff members.




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