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 1. Click on the Sites tab

2. Click the Plus (+) button to create a new site. Alternatively, click on an existing site from the sites in your account.

Add Sites.png


Info Tab

3. Give the site a name and fill out other details on the Info tab.

4. You can add staff that work at the site by clicking the Staff Working in This Site (+), selecting the staff and clicking Update.

5. Click Save / Update in the bottom right corner of the popup window.

Add Site and Staff.png


Managers / Assistants Tabs

For each site, you can assign Managers. These employees will have access, via their RosterElf login, to the roster and approve changes for just that site.

It is important to understand the differences in permissions before you assign someone to a Manager or an Assistant.


1. To assign managers, click on the Managers tab along the top of the site window and click the plus button to select staff.

2. You are also able to add assistant managers. Click on the Assistants tab and repeat the process of assigning staff.

Add Managers.png


Set GPS Location 

GPS locations assign the location of your site to the RosterElf platform. GPS locations are required if you plan to have staff clock in and out from their smartphones.

If a Google map is not showing or the location is wrong, search for your address in the search bar and click Update.

Site GSP Location.png




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