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Your dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to RosterElf. It includes customisable widgets, which you can move, delete and add to your screen.

The default widgets you will see on the screen are:

  • Account Setup - Links to articles in our knowledge base to help guide you through the first stages of using RosterElf.
  • Statistics - A handy widget that helps you see the value of RosterElf across your business. Simply hover over the ? to see what each stat is tracking.
  • Roster Trends - See how your organisation's rostered hours, labour costs and average pay rate trend 
  • Pending Shifts - Manage all shift swap requests and fill open shifts
  • Leave Requests - Manage your teams leave requests straight from the dashboard
  • Live Time Clock - See who is late, clocked in, on break and clocked out for the day
  • Availability - See who has updated their availability in the last seven days

Customising your Dashboard

Moving or hiding Widgets - Click and hold on to the handle in the middle of the header of any widget and drag it around your screen until you are happy with the order of the widgets. Click on the eye to hide the widget.

NOTE: Some widgets cannot be removed from the dashboard due to their importance for the system's functionality.


Adding Widgets - In the top right of your dashboard, you will see the + Widgets button. You will see all the available widgets you can add to your screen. We recommend exploring the different options to determine what best suits your business and your role.


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