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This article covers how to import staff from your Xero account.

Prerequisites: Xero must be connected to the account to RosterElf before proceeding. Xero can be connected by going to Settings > Payroll tab. For more information on setting up Xero, click here.

1. Click on the Staff tab. 

2. Click the blue Import Xero button in the bottom right. Note this will not be visible unless you have connected your Xero account from the payroll tab.

Xero Import.png


3. If there are any staff in your Xero account that you do not want to import, uncheck the tick box beside their name. Please note: If your staff do not have email addresses listed in this popup box, you will need to add them to their staff card after the import.

Xero Import Email Missing.png


4. Once imported, you will see a staff import confirmation.

Xero Import Confirmation.png




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