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Adding Positions

Positions are names you give to the different roles in your business that vary based on skill, qualification and responsibility. For instance, a restaurant’s list of positions may include:

  • Manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Head chef
  • Assistant chef
  • Waiter
  • Bartender
  • Cleaner

You can add each position in your business into your account and assign skilled and qualified employees to work in those positions.

1. To add a new position, click on the positions tab.

2. Click the Plus (+) button next to the positions heading.

3. Enter the position name and, if you wish, a brief description of that position.

4. If you want to colour code your position, click the drop-down on the right-hand side of the window and select the available colours. The colours help to visualise the correct staff coverage on your roster as each position can have a colour.

5. If your payroll software requires a custom code or ID for each position, you can add it into the Custom Code field.

6. Click the Staff Working in this Position (+) to assign staff who are qualified to work in this position.

7. The staff you enter here are the staff that will show up as an option when rostering for this position.

8. Click Update to save the staff to the position.

9. Then click Save again to save the new position. 





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