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With RosterElf, if an employee wants to request leave, they can do it directly from their account. Any pending leave applications can then be viewed and actioned by Admin or Site Managers. Once an employee has submitted a leave request, management is notified by email, and a notification will appear on the dashboard under the Leave block. 



From the dashboard, click on the request. A popup window will appear with the details of the leave request.

Info Tab

You will see the information about the leave request including the employee's name, dates, type of leave, length of leave and any comments. You can change the type of leave before approving it if the type of leave is incorrect.



Xero Balance Tab

For Xero integrated customers only

This tab allows admins and managers to see a live sync of available leave from Xero. So they can decide whether or not to approve the leave request. Be mindful that the leave totals in Xero only update once leave is processed in payroll, not approved to be taken.



Leave Report

The leave report allows admin and managers to see who else is on leave at the same time to assist you with your decision on approving leave.


Example of no one else on leave


Example of someone else being on leave when approving another staff member's leave request


Once you have assessed the leave request, click Approve or Deny. Once you do, the staff member will be notified about your decision, and the request will be moved from the Pending tab to the Archived tab.




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