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Alt: Viewing Roster Trends from a Smartphone

The trends block on the dashboard is an excellent way of comparing your budgeting from the past six weeks worth of rostering.


There are three different metrics to view in the trends block. To switch views, click the dropdown on the top right of the trends box within the dashboard.


This view displays an overview of the total hours rostered across all sites over the last six weeks. The green bar indicates the current week, so you know exacting how things are tracking.

Average Pay-Rate                               

This view gives managers a snapshot of the average hourly cost of employees across all sites. If you notice that your average pay rate is climbing, it could be an excellent time to hire more junior employees or carefully review future rosters to ensure you roster the right mix of staff.

Labour Cost                            

This view displays an estimated Labour Cost graph over the last six weeks, which looks at pay rate and award interpretation data added to your RosterElf account. The more accurate your pay rate information is, the more powerful and valuable this view will be.




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