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Please pay careful attention to this guide, as pay templates are vital to how the system works.

We use Pay Templates for two reasons:

  • To accurately budget staff shifts.
  • To ensure compliance with the payroll export.

A pay template is the grouping of multiple different pay rules used to pay staff. These rules typically consist of a standard Monday - Friday pay rate (often named 'ordinary hours'), a Saturday pay rate, a Sunday pay rate and a public holiday pay rate.

If your business rosters into the evening, you can have pay rules that only activate at a certain point during the day. Many hospitality businesses will use a 'late night' pay rule or an 'after 9 pm' pay rule.

Below is an example of creating a pay template for a 19-year-old, level 1 hospitality worker.

Payroll Settings

1. Click on the Settings tab, then select Payroll from the dropdown options.
Payroll Settings.png


2. Click on the green Plus (+) button next to the Pay Templates heading in the bottom left corner of the screen

Add Pay Template.png


A popup window will appear for you to create the pay template using the pay rules that your industry requires.

Your pay template comes with some pre-set rules to get you started. You can either update the pre-set rules to suit your award or hover over the rule, and you will notice an X that you can use to delete the rules if you want to start from a blank template. For this tutorial, I will delete the rules and start from a blank template to teach you the whole process.

3. Firstly, give the template a name. For example, 19 Year Old - Level 1.

4. Then type in the name of your first pay rule. E.g. Ordinary hours (Monday - Friday).

5. Click Add to add the rule into the template.

Pay Template Adding Pay Rule.png


6. Select the days of the week the rule applies to, so for this example, click the days Monday - Friday.

7. Use the sliding bar to tell RosterElf what hours in the day this rule applies. Then add the hourly pay rate for that rule.

NOTE: Pay templates require every hour of every day to have a rule applied before you can save the template. If you don't have a rule for early or late hours, leave the sliding bar to cover the total of 24 hours.

If you require early or late rules, slide the bar to the start or end time of the rule you are creating.

Pay Rule.png


You can have multiple pay rules within a day. These are usually early hours (before 7 am) and late hours (after 9 pm). The example below shows a pay template with early and late hours.

The information here shows that at 7 am, the "Early (Monday - Friday)" rule will end, and the "Ordinary Hours (Monday - Friday)" rule will kick in.

Pay Rule 24 Hours.png

8. Once you have all your rules created, click Save Rules in the bottom right corner of the popup window to create the template.

If you have not covered all hours across the days/week, the system will warn you and highlight in yellow the rules that need amending before the template will save.




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