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If your business requires a flexible workforce and a roster that changes based on revenue, then budgeting on sales targets may be the most effective method. This style of roster budgeting is common practice for businesses in industries such as hospitality and retail, where seasonal and daily sales can fluctuate significantly, and business owners need to adjust rosters and labour costs regularly to remain profitable.

So how exactly does using sales targets to budget work? The process involves you predicting the daily sales each week before you publish a roster and then letting RosterElf auto calculate the labour cost as a percentage of sales.

Example: If you forecast sales on Monday of $3,800 and have a total estimated cost on the roster for that day of $1,300, your labour percentage would be 34.2% ($1300 / $3800).


Daily view - sales targets                               

1. Click on the Roster tab. Then Select a Week and Select a Site.

2. In the Daily view, when a particular day is selected, you will notice a sales target bar where you can enter the forecasted revenue for that day.

As you add and adjust shifts in this view, you will notice that RosterElf will automatically calculate and present your labour percentage for each day and the week.

Daily Sales Target.png

Weekly view - sales targets                               

Similarly, you can enter sales targets in the Weekly View.

Weekly Sales Targets.png

Note: Sales targets need to be entered by site, and you will be unable to enter them when viewing and rostering all sites combined.




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