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Templates are a fantastic way to save time and avoid rostering mistakes weekly. Having the shifts already in place takes the thinking out of the weekly task of creating a roster but you may not always have a consistent staffing team to know who will fill the shift.

Open Shifts primarily are used to publish shifts without an assigned staff member, which is sent to the team members that match the shift's site and position requirements. The team then nominate for the shift, and you select a staff.

However, have you ever considered using them as a placeholder on your roster templates? 

We recommend adding the shifts for the full-time/permanent part-time staff working the same weekly shifts. Then, you can add in Open Shifts for any shifts you know you need but don't have a dedicated person for it. When you upload the template to build a roster, you can either reallocate the open shifts to staff before you publish, or you can publish them and see who wants them.

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