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To see each staff's hours over a specific period, switch the roster between the daily, weekly and monthly views and ensure you have the right date range.

Elf Roster Date Selections.png

You also need to ensure you are viewing the roster by staff.

Elf Roster View Type By Staff.png

Check that you don't have unexpected filters applied or add filters if you are only interested in seeing certain hours.

The staff list on the left of the roster will show you the hours and cost for each staff based on your selections above.

Elf Roster Rostering by Staff.png


Elf Roster Staff Hours and Cost.png

Wage earning staff will show the number of hours and the labour cost as you update shifts

Elf Roster Staff Salary Roster Hours different.png

Fixed salary staff will display their expected hours and their fixed labour cost. If you modify their rostered hours, they will turn red, allowing you to hover over to see their rostered hours. The labour cost won't change as they are on a salary.




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