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RosterElf automatically applies public holidays to each of your sites based on the site's state and country. If your country does not have any states in the dropdown menu, RosterElf will use the national holidays for that country. This is found on the Sites tab when you are creating or editing a site.

Each site handles its own public holidays to ensure that multi-location companies can manage different public holiday sets in one RosterElf account. For instance, if you have an Australian office and a New Zealand office that are set up as separate sites, they can both have different holidays. Similarly, suppose you're a national company and have offices in different states. In that case, so long as your country supports states in RosterElf, you can have different public holidays per state.

When you roster, public holidays will show up as red on the day/date of the holiday, and public holiday pay rates will be used for budgeting if you have these included in your pay templates.


Public Holidays are important for Payroll Integrations to apply the correct pay rate.


What if I have specific public holidays that aren't covered in the standard holiday sets for my state or region?

If you require to add custom public holidays specific to your town/company or you want to remove a public holiday from the standard holiday sets, you can do so from the payroll settings.

Note: Once you change from the standard public holiday set, to a custom holiday set, RosterElf will no longer maintain your holidays with any changes or future public holidays to ensure we don't overwrite your preferences. Therefore, it is best to only use a custom set of public holidays if you need too.


How to convert to a custom public holiday set

As mentioned above, adding and removing holidays makes your holidays a custom holiday set. Public Holidays are managed per site. So if you have sites in the same region, and you need to customise the holidays, you will need to do it on each site.


  1. Click on the Settings tab, then select Payroll from the dropdown.Payroll Settings.png

  2. Select the Site from the Sites Linked panel to which you want to change your public holidays.
    Public Holidays - Sites Linked.png

  3. If you are already using a custom holiday set, you will see a Custom banner over the set.
    Public Holidays - Custom Set.png

    If you are using our standard holiday set, there will be no banner.
    Public Holidays - Standard Set.png

  4. To add/remove holidays, click on the holiday set.
  5. (Optionally) You can change your holiday region by clicking on the Country dropdown and selecting from the options, then select from the State dropdown and select your state and click Add. This is only required if you want to follow a different region's holidays instead of the location of your site.Public Holidays Selection.png

  6. If you have Custom Public Holidays that you observe, add the name of the public holiday and the date and click Add. You can also delete specific holidays by clicking the red X.
  7. Click Save to convert to a custom holiday set.
  8. Repeat this process for other sites by selecting the following site in the Sites Linked panel.
  9. If you decide custom holiday sets are not right for you and you want to convert back to the standard holiday set, simply hover over the custom set, click the red X and confirm you want to delete the set. Once deleted, it will revert to the standard set.

    Public Holidays - Custom Set Red X.png

    Public Holidays - Delete Custom Set.png





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