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Time and Attendance is a feature that allows you to remove paper timesheets from your workplace. The feature is quick to set up and get started with straight away. Your staff can either clock in through a designated tablet located at your Site or they can clock in from their smartphone. Both methods have inbuilt features to protect the business. The tablet option requires staff to use a unique pin code to clock in/out and optionally can also take their photo as proof. The smartphone app requires staff to be within a radius of the site's GPS Location as determined by you. 

You can use one or both of the methods above.


1. To access the settings, click the Settings tab, then select Time & Attendance

You can toggle your preferred method(s) of clocking in and out across your account. These settings are global, meaning you will disable them across the organisation if you disable them here. 


Site Specific Settings

On each site, you can further customise your Time & Attendance.

  1. Click on the Sites tab and select a Site.
  2. On the Info tab, you can set the Time Zone.
  3. Now click on the Time & Attendance tab.
  4. You can select your GPS Tolerance, Time Tolerance, Location, Photo Proof and Enable Smartphone from here.
  • GPS Tolerance: Adjust the acceptable distance from the site that the staff member's phone needs to be to clock in or out. 
    • NOTE: If your site is quite large, you may need to consider a more considerable tolerance, as the tolerance is a pinpoint location on google maps and uses geofencing.
  • Time Tolerance: Adjust the time tolerance for clocking in/out.
  • Location: For Smartphones, you need to assign a location so that RosterElf can validate the distance the staff member is from the pinpoint to ensure the staff member is clicking in and out from your site.
  • Photo Proof: Select to require photo proof from staff when they clock in/out.
  • Enable Smartphone Click In and Out: This will allow employees to use their smartphones to clock in and out.



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