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Time and Attendance is a feature that allows you to remove paper timesheets from your workplace. The feature is quick to set up and get started with straight away. Your staff can either clock in through a designated tablet located at your Site or they can clock in from their smartphone. Both methods have inbuilt features to protect the business. The tablet option requires staff to use a unique pin code to clock in/out and optionally can also take their photo as proof. The smartphone app requires staff to be within a radius of the site's GPS Location as determined by you. 

You can use one or both of the methods above. 


1. To start, make sure any Sites you want to use this feature for, have had the GPS Location set up. This was covered in Adding Sites (step 4).

 2. Then click on the Settings tab, and click Time & Attendance.


3. By default, both the tablet and smartphone methods are enabled. To disable a method, untick either option and click Update. You can reenable them at any time.



4. If you're using the tablet method, click on the Tablet tab on the Time and Attendance settings popup.

5. Click on the Update button next to Time Zone and for each of your Sites, select the correct time zone and click Update.

6. Time Tolerance is how early or late from their rostered times they are clocking in or out before RosterElf asks them to give a reason. To update click on the dropdown and select the appropriate option. 

TIP: We recommend having at least 5 minutes of tolerance to avoid staff being prompted for reasons on every shift. Especially if there are staff that need to clock on/off on the tablet at the same time.

7. When Photo Proof is enabled, each time staff clock on/off, the tablet will take their photo to ensure they are the ones clocking in and out. Simply click Update, tick or untick the sites you want photo proof to be used at and click Update.

8. Click Update to save and close the Time and Attendance settings. 



GPS Smartphone

9. To access the smartphone settings, click GPS Smartphone.

10. You can set the GPS Tolerance by clicking on the dropdown. The GPS Tolerance is based on the GPS location which you can set up on each Site. It uses a pinpoint on a Google Map. For large sites, you may need to make the GPS Tolerance larger.

11. You can then click Set on the Active Sites and you'll see a popup that allows you to enable or disable smartphone clocking in/out for each site.

12. Once you are set up, click Update



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