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Alt: Requesting Leave from a Smartphone

When you request leave, your manager receives an email and smartphone notification. Once the manager responds to your request, RosterElf will notify you of the outcome the same way.

Requesting Leave

  1. Click on the My Calendar Tab. NOTE: Employees only have the My Calendar tab and can skip this step.
  2. Click Request Leave on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter the dates and reason for the leave request leave.
  4. Click Save.

RosterElf will send the leave request to a manager for approval.


Elf Leave Request.png

Managing and Deleting Leave Requests

There are two ways to manage your leave requests. You can find pending and approved leave in the calendar, or you can see all your leave requests including denied leave requests in the Request Leave modal.

From the Calendar

  1. On My Calendar, find the date of the leave request you are looking for and click on it.
  2. If its a Pending Leave or Approved Leave in the future, you can click Delete Leave to remove the leave request.

Elf Leave Pending.png

Elf Leave Delete.png

From the Request Leave Modal

As well as requesting leave from this modal, you can also manage your previously requested leave here.

  1. Click on the Request Leave button on My Calendar.
  2. Pending - these are requests that you have submitted that haven't been approved by management. If you want to delete your request, press the X and confirm.
  3. Approved - Approved leave holds your leave requests that are approved by management and are still in the future. If you want to delete your request, press the X and confirm.
  4. Archived - This will show a full list of all your leave requests that are approved or denied. It will also show leave requests that were requested but never approved or denied and have past the leave date. You cannot delete requests in the archive.

Elf Leave Pending2.png

Elf Leave Approved 2.png

Elf Leave Archived.png





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