This article is designed for: User Type: Admins or Site Managers Device: Smartphone

1. Tap the Roster menu on the bottom of your screen. It will default to today, but you can scroll to past and future rosters using the < > buttons.

2. To add a shift, press the Plus (+) in the top right corner.

Smartphone Add Shift.png


3. Tap on the Select Start Time box and enter the shift's start time. Next, do the same on the Select Finish Time box.

Smartphone Publish Shift Blank.pngSmartphone Publish Shift Details.png


4. Proceed through each box to Select Site, Select Position and Select Employee.

The available staff members that are perfect matches for that shift will be green. You will receive a warning if you try to roster an unavailable staff member.

Smartphone Publish Shift Warning.png


5. When done, tap the Publish button in the top right corner and confirm by tapping Publish Shift.

Smartphone Publish Shift Confirmation.png



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