This article covers some of the reasons why an employee may not be receiving emails from RosterElf and what to do about it

If your employees are not receiving email notifications from RosterElf, there are two likely explanations:

Wrong Email Address

Please check you have entered the correct email address for each staff member on the Staff tab in RosterElf.


Depending on individual email settings, sometimes emails from RosterElf can go to spam. Please ask your employee to check their Spam or Junk folder and if there is an email from RosterElf, move it to their inbox. This will advise the email provider that RosterElf emails are not spam and future emails should be delivered to the inbox as normal. 

You may also want to search the internet for how to mark an email sender as safe. Each email provider will have a different method so a good search for a Hotmail user could be "how to mark an email sender as safe for Hotmail" or replace Hotmail with other email providers used.  

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