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Are you having trouble processing payroll in RosterElf or difficulty getting information across to Xero? Whilst we automate a lot of the process, there can be issues when accounts don't match on both sides.


The following error messages are the most common ones we come across. So look below, run through the quick guides to solve your challenge, and get back to Processing Payroll.



This issue can arise when the employee details are different in RosterElf than in Xero. Make sure to match the spelling, characters, and case (upper / lower) you used in Xero in RosterElf.

This error often occurs if there are multiple copies of the same staff member in Xero. To solve this problem, remove the duplicate staff member from Xero and contact the support team at RosterElf. We will manually disconnect the double from our end, and the system will automatically relink the staff member correctly.

Lastly, this issue can happen when using Xero and a staff member works across multiple sites linked to multiple Xero entities. If you have this issue, please contact the customer support team.


Your payroll cannot be processed because your payroll cycle in RosterElf does not match your payroll cycle in Xero. For instance, one may be set as weekly and the other as fortnightly. 


Your payroll cannot be processed because your RosterElf Payroll Cycle is set to weekly, but your Xero account's Payroll Cycle is set to fortnightly. Payroll Cycle Solution Available Here

If you have multiple payroll calendars in Xero, this can also cause an issue. Please set all staff (active and inactive) to the same payroll calendar. 


There is an employee on your Xero account missing the earnings rate XXXX. 

This happens when RosterElf sends payroll information to Xero, and the staff member in Xero doesn't have the same pay items assigned to them.

You need to ensure the same Pay Items assigned to the Staff in Xero are in the pay template in RosterElf. The error can often occur when someone makes updates in Xero and doesn't update RosterElf, e.g. Pay Rate Change, Award Change, etc.


Your payroll cannot be processed due to "Missing Pay Calendar" error. This will need to be fixed in your Xero account. Missing Pay Calendar Solution Available Here.


Your payroll cannot be processed due to "Missing Ordinary Hours Rate" error. This will need to be fixed in your Xero account. Ordinary Hours Rate Solution Available Here.


TrackingItemID is Required for each Timesheet Line. TrackingItemID Solution Available Here.


For any other challenges or an error we've not heard of, please get in touch with our customer service team, and we will be ready to help.





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