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WageEasy works with RosterElf by allowing you to export your payroll information from RosterElf and import them into WageEasy.

WageEasy handles award interpretation independently from RosterElf. So we only export the following:

Before You Start

It's best to plan ahead and export the information you require to set up the integration.

You need to:

1. Export your staff list from WageEasy.

2. Confirm the department names and code you use within WageEasy.


To export your staff list from WageEasy:

1. Go to the HR menu.

2. Click User Defined Queries, then choose the Company Current Employee Export.

3. Select the relevant Financial Period. Typically, you'll only want to show current staff.

4. Right-click on the highlighted fields, and follow the prompt to export your data as a CSV.

5. Save the .csv file on your computer so you can easily find it again.

Selecting WageEasy in Payroll Settings

1. In RosterElf, to switch to WageEasy, head to Settings at the top of your RosterElf screen and select Payroll.

2. In the first box, Select Payroll Format, and select WageEasy.

3. (Optional) You can also set up your pay templates here using the same method as CSV.

NOTE: Because WageEasy handles award interpretation independently from RosterElf, setting up Pay Templates is optional and won't prevent you from exporting payroll. However, Pay Templates significantly improves the RosterElf experience if you are required to manage wage budgeting and labour cost forecasting.

Staff ID

When adding your staff to RosterElf, you must use the Employee ID field. The Employee ID will match your Staff Payroll Number (Employee ID) from your WageEasy account.



Setting up your Departments from WageEasy into RosterElf can vary, depending on how you have used Departments in WageEasy. WageEasy handles the award interpretation by allowing you to assign a pay rate to the staff for each Department they work.

First, you must list the Departments and their Department Numbers from WageEasy

To keep it relatively easy for your account setup, we have created an automatic fallback for the data export with the following hierarchy and recommended use case:

  1. Position Code - Use RosterElf Position Codes if your WageEasy uses Departments in a way that is specific to a position (e.g. If you have a 'Head Chef' department.)

  2. Site Code - Use RosterElf Site Codes if your WageEasy uses Departments to cover more than one position (e.g. If you have a 'Melbourne Restaurant' or 'Kitchen Staff' department.)

  3. Site Name - Site name is a legacy fallback for customers that have set up WageEasy before our most recent update, and we don't recommend using this as it requires naming your sites based on the Department ID in WageEasy, which is not user-friendly for staff working in your company.

Once you have decided which setup method suits you, you can start setting up your Positions or Sites in RosterElf. When creating your Position or Site, add the Department Number from WageEasy into the Custom ID field for that item.

Shift Times

Shift times are handled when you process payroll and don't require initial setup. When you are set up and ready to process payroll, you can approve the hours like a CSV export

Importing into Wage Easy

You can import the file using the processing wizard in Wage Easy:
1. Click on Wages, then Auto
2. The wizard will open, and you can select the file you exported from RosterElf. 
3. Choose the Import Time Cards checkbox, then click Next to begin the import.
4. Once it is processed, check for any errors and click Finish to continue.

Further Assistance

To help set up your account.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by:



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