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Alt: Assigning Pay Templates to Staff on Wages

Before you can assign pay templates to staff you must create the template in payroll settings. To learn more about Pay Templates, click here. You also must have assigned the Positions and Sites they work to the staff member for the pay templates to show.

Adding pay templates to staff helps makes budgeting accurate when rostering and also allows you to export payroll information to a number of software providers.

Follow the below instructions to assign pay templates to staff.


1. Click on the Staff tab then select the staff member you want to assign pay templates for.

2. Click the Pay Template tab.

3. For the Type of Employment, select Fixed Salary.

Salary Pay Item.png

4. Input the Annual Salary and number of hours they are employed for.

5. Select the Xero Pay Item.

6. Add in their Standard Hours and what Site and Position they work on those days.

Salary Post to Roster.png

7. If you want these hours to show on the roster every week, tick Automatic ADD to the Roster. The staff member will then show on the roster for the specific site and position as you have set up the staff member.


Additional Information

  • Salary staff will have a green $ symbol on each of their shifts to differentiate them on the roster. You can still delete their shifts or add additional shifts.

Salary Staff on Roster.png


  • On the Roster, you will see the hours they are rostered for in black if it matches their assigned hours on their staff card.

Salary Hours Match.png


  • If their shifts have been edited, their hours will show in red if their hours no longer match with their staff card. As they are a fixed salary employee, regardless of their hours rostered or worked, RosterElf will still push the assigned hours from their staff card to your payroll software. For instance, if my staff card has 40 hours as per my employment contract and I do 45 hours, then the 40 hours in the staff card will go to payroll.

Salary Hours Differ.png


  • Salary Staff that have their hours automatically assigned to the roster will not show on the roster during periods of approved leave.



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