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The Roster Settings section offers Admin-level users the flexibility to tailor various aspects of the rostering process to their organisation's specific needs.

This customisation capability spans four key areas, allowing for a personalised and efficient scheduling experience.

Users can customise four main areas:

How to Customise Roster Settings

Step 1. Go to Roster Settings 

Navigate to the 'Settings' tab at the top menu, and select 'Roster'.

Elf Settings Dropdown.png


Step 2. Customise Roster Settings

Customise the setting here to suit your business requirements. 

  • Shift Swaps / Open Shifts: You can toggle the Shift Swaps Active and Open Shifts Active to activate/deactivate each feature. When you deactivate Shift Swaps, the option is not visible to any staff. When you deactivate Open Shifts, you can publish rosters with unfilled shifts, but RosterElf will not communicate that shift to your staff. You will need to select someone and republish the roster before the shift starts to fill the shift.
  • Employees View Roster. When toggling this on, staff can see the entire roster, not just their shifts.
  • Daily View Time Sensitivity. On the daily view of a roster, you can adjust a shift's start and finish time by clicking on the adjustable sliding bar. You can also drag and drop shifts to move the shift time. This setting increases or decreases how many minutes each increment jumps.

Elf Settings Roster .png





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