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Once a manager has marked their staff member as sick on either their Browser, Smartphone or the Time Clock tablet app, the sick leave will automatically be approved and show up in payroll for the relevant pay cycle.

On the Payroll screen, you will notice staff that have been sick display a N/A in the Time Clock hours for that shift and will have a Shift Note added.

Sick Leave Payroll Time Clock.png

1. To process their sick leave, click the 'i' icon on the right side of the shift to see the shift notes.

Sick Leave Payroll Notes.png


2. Click the Employee on Leave notification at the top of the payroll screen.

3. Tick the leave to approve it, and add the number of hours to pay as sick leave.

4. Xero Customers: Select the correct Leave Pay Item from the dropdown.

Other Customers: Type in the correct Leave Pay Item as it appears in your payroll software and click Save.

Sick Leave Payroll Leave Processing.png



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