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If you ever receive the error Cannot change employee created timesheets whilst processing payroll. It's probably because someone within your organisation has created a timesheet directly into Xero using perhaps the Xero Me phone app. Xero prevents the ability to override employee created time sheets.


1. To fix this error, log into your Xero account.

2. Head to Payroll Timesheets.

3. From here, you can use the filters in Xero if you can't find the timesheet.

4. The two status types to look for are: Pending Approval or Rejected.

5. Click on the timesheet to open it. Then follow the below steps:

Pending Approval: You will need to Approve or Reject the request first. Approve the hours if you plan to pay the staff member those hours in addition to the hours in RosterElf, and Reject if you are not going to pay the hours.

Rejected: Whether you have just rejected the timesheet with the above Pending Approval step, or the timesheet was already rejected when you found it, you will need to go into the timesheet and click Revert to Draft, which will remove the timesheet. NOTE: You can follow this step for approved time sheets also.



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